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Here are testimonials and references volunteered by some of our campers and/or parents of campers

Dara Busch
Hey Mike-
Jesse has had an incredible time! Thank you  Just wondering if you host any winter camps? He’s dying to get back onto the mountain in the winter! Let me know.
Thanks, Dara Busch

James P. Greenwood
Mike, i wanted to thank all the coaches and team members at Mount hood for the great experience. Luke loved it and said he would like to return again next year. Regards, James P. Greenwood

Daniella D'Louhy
I would absolutely recommend Mt.Hood Ski Camps. Last summer my son learned so much there. For one week his skiing skills improved so much, it was unbelievable. He skied on a whole new level the last season. He got inspired and now he is a freerider looking forward to compete next season. Can’t wait to see the improvements from this week in summer camp.

Monica Kipiniak
My son went for a week last year and loved it so much he is returning for 4 weeks this summer, and convinced his sister and 3 friends to come along. This is heaven on earth for any kid that loves to ski.

Lycia Myers Scott
This is our son's 2nd year and daughter's 1st year. They LOVE it and can't wait until next year. They keep them so busy, lots of activities, and great skiing! Thanks for taking such great care of our kiddos! See you next year.

Taina Olsson
This was my daughter's first time and as soon as we picked her up, she wanted to go back. So much fun and she learned a lot. Thank you for a great program! See you next year.

Alessa Kim
Dear Mike,
I just got back home from camp, and even though I was worn out from my great training, I wish that I as still at MHSSC!!! It's amazing how much camp can feel like home, but I never understood that until coming to Mt. Hood.  Everything is part of a community, and when people ask me what I did over the summer, all I will be talking about is Mt. Hood Summer Ski Camps. Here are the top 5 greatest things about MHSSC:

5. The Food- I always thought that camp food was junky, but MHSSC really knows what they are doing. The food is great!

4. The Location- For skiers and snowboarders in the US, being able to come to Mt. Hood is beyond amazing. And a plus--it's in the summer!!! Oregon is great because you can ski until 12:30, and when you come down, you can go windsurfing, whitewater rafting, rock climbing, cliff jumping, zip lining, and so much more cool stuff! I love that!

3. The Coaches and the Counselors- Are now my favorite people on Earth.  Besides knowing everything about safety, they are there to make you feel like you are at home, and they definitely know how to! Everyone gets homesick when they go to camp, and the counselors know about that. They're awesome. The coaches have enthusiasm and excitement, which gets you pepped up on a slow day. They give great advice, and video analysis is the best! I bought my videos to take home so that I can show my parents how much I improved! Thank you coaches and counselors!

2. The Lodge / Campers- The lodge is super awesome, because you can do so much. There are tightropes, unicycles, a trampoline, a GaGa pit, a tuning station, a pool table, and so much more to name. Everyone hangs out after skiing, and the rooms are so fun to just sit around in. I love MHSSC!

1. The Community and the People- I cannot say enough how incredible MHSSC is, even though this is the theme of the last two. Everybody is there to have a great time and improve, and I know so many more people now who have great motivation and skill. The lodge is great, because everywhere you go you can talk to someone. The GaGa Ball pit. I am definitely building one because that game is so much fun, and nobody gets upset or angry like other games, and everyone has a chance to win! The trampoline is so helpful to freestylers, but also a fun place for racers! When you hear the encouraging, "Take it to snow!" or "Try a front flip this time," you can understand the kind of people who come to Mt. Hood. Everyone is there to help you, and relationships last a lifetime. Anyway, this was all to say I had the best time at MHSSC. Thank you so much Mike.

Alessa K.

Joe Lackey
Just a quick note to say thank you, to you, and all of your staff...for the wonderful time, instruction, and experience, that my daughters had with y'alls crew this summer. They are already planning for three-weeks next year!!!! Thank you again! See you next year!
Cheers, Joe

Ski Friend
(facebook nick-name)
A big thank you from 2 very happy parents! Our daughter was in session 7 and she can't stop bragging about the fabulous time she had in the camp. Next year she wants at least 2 sessions - maybe I shouldn't say thank you for that :)

Kamilo Feher

Mike and Lynn Annett, Entire Mt Hood Summer Ski Camp Staff and Fellow skiers and  snow Boarders
Thank you all -for my best Vacation-Adventure --for my young ( 67 years young- yeah everything is relative) --you folks individually and as a fantastic team lead to my dream vacation ---ski adventure camp.  I hope to connect with all of you again latest next year at Mt Hood Adult ski camp again.  Between now and Mt Hood Summer Ski Camp 2011 I would love to ski with all of you sometime  before next summer If your way is  Lake Tahoe  area this winter please drop me a note /or call so we could connect and have a few runs together.
~Kamilo Feher

Adair Purner

I LOVE MHSSC! i had the best time ever when i went last year! I cannot wait till this year!! :D

Cyndi Devereaux

Hi Mike-
How are you?  I am finally getting a chance to follow up on Haydn's wonderful camp experience with you guys.  Even though he had a rough start with his bout of home sickness he had an amazing time, grew as an individual exponentially, made some great friends (especially Sebastion Broussard) and feels he really improved his skiing. ~Cyndi Devereaux

Ben Hallen

Hi Mike and Lynne,
I was just thinking of how much fun I had last week at your camp and thought I would send a quick e-mail saying thank you. I can’t give enough praise to Roger and his excellent coaching and also the overall camp experience. Thanks again and I hope to see you both next Summer.

Bonnie Dumas (parent)

Chloe would like you to know she had a great time at ski camp and learned alot.  I would like to thank all the staff at Mt. Hood Summer Ski Camp for doing such a great job.  You all made her first experience of sleep away camp and ski race camp wonderful!  Thank you!! ~Bonnie Dumas

Paige Havens (parent)

Mike –  
Jack Havens had a fantastic time at camp the last two weeks.  He is very confident in the skill he gained.  He is already talking smack on how he will be able to beat his coach this year.  Plus he has mapped out a multi-year plan to become a counselor.  That’s if you approve of him!  Thank you, he had a great time and I’m sure we will see his achievements on the slopes this season.  See you next year!
Paige Havens

Art Andrews and Kristen Nelson

Hi Mike,
I wanted to drop a quick note to you in regard to our experience with Mark Stegall this past weekend.  My girlfriend and I are fairly new to snowboarding and are more or less self taught.  We have been boarding for  just over a year and still consider ourselves to be beginners.  As we are  both professionals and in our 30s, we are a bit more careful when it comes  to boarding than some younger riders because any major injury would effect our business and livelihood.  We took an introductory lesson to snowboarding when we first began boarding at our local slopes but found them to be only moderately useful and have been winging it since then.  We finally reached a point where we felt that we needed more professional direction and signed up with your company for 2 days of lessons at Mt  Hood...As far as our snowboarding hobby goes, those two days have changed our  lives. Thanks to Mark, we wouldn't even recognize the snowboarders we were when arriving at Mt Hood.  From the first minute to the very last Mark gave us very specific and very useful information that destroyed the inefficient way in which we had been previously boarding and rebuilt a new and very solid foundation on which all of our future boarding will be based. Mark's patience, intensity, genuine love of the sport and love of precision and performing this sport the RIGHT way is something I haven't seen before and really appreciated.  The important thing is that we not only appreciated Mark's approach and demeanor, but it was truly effective, simple to follow, and produced immediate results!  I feel that we came to Mark trying to hammer nails with a screwdriver and Mark introduced us to the hammer.  We certainly aren't experts yet, but Mark provided the correct tools and the knowledge of how to use them so that as we go into the fall 2009 season, we will be able to practice and use these tools to improve our technique as well as simply enjoy our time on the slopes more! Even beyond simple training, Mark gave us a lot of personal information regarding his experience with equipment and even allowed me to use some of his equipment when mine was creating problems!  I now have a much better idea of what I need and how to make the most of what I have thanks to Mark's guidance in this area. We have not had any experience with your other instructors, but even so, we can only believe that Mark is a Rock Star in your group and a true asset to your business!  We expected this to be a one-time trip, but thanks to the amazing experience Mark gave us, this will be at least an annual trip if not more often!  You will certainly be hearing from us again and we are looking forward to more instruction from Mark in the future! I apologize for turning this "note" into a book, but I simply can't tell you enough how much we enjoyed the experience and how much Mark helped us!

Art Andrews and Kristen Nelson

Yuri and Sylva Gaspar: (Veronica's parents)

Dear Mike,
We would like to thank you, your instructors and counselors for the wonderful time our daughter Veronica had in your camp.  She only turned 12 past spring and she never traveled alone before. You can imagine how relieved we have been, when she called from the airport, that everything was o.k., the counselors met her as promised. She called couple more times to tell us how happy she was in the camp.  When she returned home we could only hear that everything was "AWESOME": snow, skiing, her instructor (Heidi), her new friends, and especially the afternoon activities.  We knew about the camp only from DVD. Veronica's experience far exceeded our expectations.  Great job, your camp is excellent!  We have already skied several days this year, and I could see the progress Veronica made since attending Mt Hood camp.  She cannot wait to return next summer.  Thank you for your dedication and efforts.  We would gladly give references to anybody, if they need one. 
Yuri and Sylva Gaspar
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2008

Teri Hanchulak (Jordan's mom):
My daughter Jordan Hanchulak spent a week at your camp recently.  It was truly the time of her life.  She can't stop talking about it.  I want to thank you for that.

Bill Lavis (Mac's dad):

BTW - Mac had a great time (it was his second year) and just raved about his experience on and off the hill.  It truly is one of the highlights of his year (including his regular winter days!).

Beth Kalafa (Sara's mom):

I want to thank you all for the wonderful experience that my daughter, Sara, had at your camp this summer. (She attended sessions 7 & 8) She learned a lot, had lots of fun and made some lasting friendships! (We already had one camp friend come to visit when his family was visiting the Boston area at the end of the summer!!) She is trying to figure out how she can stay for longer next summer!  Thank you again!!!


Christen Brooke:
Dear Mike and Lynne,  I would like to thank you both for a great two weeks spent at Mt Hood Summer Ski Camps.  The coaching was of the highest class and I felt like the staff was interested in my career as a racer.  Thanks again, Christen Brooke

Melissa Palombi: 

Dear Mike,  I had a great time at camp this summer.  I hope I will be able to come back next year.  Thanks again, Melissa

Margaret Deutseb: (Parent)

Dear Mike, Thank you for letting Clay stay another week.  He LOVES your ski camp & is looking forward to attending next year!  Sincerely, Margaret Deutseb

Ann Lawton: (Parent)

I am writing to thank you for the wonderful time that Lauren had at Mt Hood Summer Ski Camp.  She thoroughly enjoyed all the experiences from the skiing to the independence.  A return visit next summer has already been requested.   Thanks again for providing such a great opportunity for my child.  Sincerely, Ann Lawton

Bryan Earley:

Dear Mike,  I had a great 2 weeks at your camp.  Regards, Bryan Earley

Betty Monroe: (Parent)

Dear Mike,  From all reports Jimmy had a fabulous time.  Thanks again.  Sincerely Betty Monroe (Jim Carlson’s mom)

Etic Abhyankaz:

Dear Mike,  I had a great time last summer at your ski camp.  I always wanted to write you to tell you what a great time I had and how much I learned my coach’s excellent guidance.  Mike, as a management professional, I must admire the excellent organization you have at Mt Hood Summer Ski Camps.  You also have a very dedicated staff who really are keen on helping their students progress and teaching them new skills.   Take care and best wishes, Etic Abhyankaz

Kirsten Griffith:

Mike Annett,  Thank you for putting out so much effort to make these camps so excellent.  This last camp was the best of my life!  I learned  a lot and had fun at the same time!  Thanks, Kirsten Griffith

Elizabeth T. Imes: (Parent)
Dear Mr. Annett, Thank you for providing an enjoyable ski camp experience for my son and all the young people who seem to have a grand time.  Sincerely, Elizabeth T. Imes

Richard Sheinberg: (Parent)

Dear Mike,  As you probably know, Daniel had a great time at your camp last summer.  He had a much improved season and managed to place 13th in the slalom at the Eastern’s.  We were very proud of him.   Sincerely, Richard Sheinberg

Laura Pozzi:

Dear Mike & Lynne,  I had so much fin at camp, thank you!  I truly enjoyed myself.  I am so happy I got to meet such great people.  Every thing about camp was great, the food, the coaches, counselors, the activities, the lodging, the directors!  Thank you soooooooooooo much!  Love always Laura Pozzi.  P.S.  The skiing was great too!

Mark Sertl:

Dear Mike,  Thank you for accommodating my short time at Hood.  I had a GREAT time skiing.  John did a great job making me feel welcome and I left with a couple of things to work on later this fall.  John did a good job with the wide variety of ages and skills in our group.  He made everybody feel like they were getting equal treatment and his attention.  The efficient on-the-hill video was very helpful and made apply the coaching tips that much easier.  Thank you and John.   Sincerely, Mark Sertl

Holly Mueller: (Parent)
Hi Mike,  My name is Holly and I am Brechin Mueller’s mom.  I wanted to say thank you to you and your staff for making brechins experience truly wonderful.  Brechin had soooooo much fun in her 2 weeks that she wants to come out for 4 weeks next year.  She really enjoyed the on snow training and said the coaches were great and she learned a great deal in the 2 weeks of camp.  Thanks again, Holly Mueller

AJ Crocker: (Parent)

Hi Mike,  AJ Crocker attended camp last summer to become a better snowboard racer.  She was a freshman on the JV Alpine Race Team at Union Mine HS.  We ski/board in the Sierras.  This year, after your awesome training, AJ is Number ONE on the Varsity Team as a Sophomore!  She made 4th place in All-League and won 24th out of 100 at the State Competitions.  Thanks!  The Crockers


Natalie Mar:
Dear Mike.  Thank you for hosting a great camp.  We thoroughly enjoyed the experience, and were greatly impressed by our coach Kris Pepe.  We have been to many different mogul camps and Kris was one of the best coaches we have had.  He tailored drills to focus on our weak areas, took notes at video sessions, and spent extra time discussing technique, working on the trampoline and teaching jumps late into the afternoon.  As a top competitor, he offered a profound understanding of the sport that we greatly appreciated.  The combination of his knowledge, personal experience, and ability to teach is unparalled.  He made this past week one of  the best experiences on snow we have had.  Thank you for a most enjoyable camp!  Sincerely, Natalie Mar


Joe and Anne,  THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Ryan arrived back from camp at 12:30am this morning full of love and laughter and stories and happiness!!!!  The first words out of his mouth were I wish I stayed for another week and I want to go next year for TWO weeks!!!  He spoke more last night than he has in months!  Thank you one more time..  Affectionately, Linda

Claudia Ines Ventresca:

Hi Mike:  Greetings from New York City!  I must admit to feeling a bit "shell-shocked" being back.  A first for me.  Usually the City, believe it or not, is quite comforting despite the speed at which things tend to move here.  I have you guys to thank for my new level of discomfort with New York. Something for which I am very grateful; I really did have a great time at  your camp... My experience at your camp helped to crystallize the love I feel for Oregon, and helped to clarify for me a very basic, but important need to go back  home (even though I was raised in the East Coast, In my heart, home has always been the West Coast).  I found everyone I met, you included, to be warm, accommodating, and in some cases challenging (like when John Rust took us climbing at the gym!  I'm grateful for that too -- because it help me to deal with a fear of heights I've had since I was a child... express my thanks to John for me).  Most important facet of my experience, I feel, was having Mike Langdon as  my teacher.  I'm an avid martial artist and an avid scuba diver, which means that in my quest to learn, excel, and tune body and spirit into happier states of being,  I have search, incessantly, (to the point of frustration for finding lack rather than abundance) for those special individuals, who are a brilliant mixture of happiness and strength, humor and will power, endurance and balance, intelligence and humbleness, elegance and spunk.  I realize that the above qualities may come across as too abstract; so, I will qualify, exactly, what it is that I liked about having Mike as my instructor: * He was always punctual. * He was accommodating and helpful regarding my gear and my level of comfort  with it. * He knew when do give technical instruction and exactly how much time to spend on drills vs. riding -- which I feel helped me improve faster. * He cared about my expectations and fears, and was willing to listen to them,  which made him a very effective coach in my mind. * He was willing to work with me, even thought I was a beginner. Considering  his level of experience, I thought this would have been frustrating for him,  yet he never showed frustration --- not even once.  * He challenged me to be my best.  And showed me that to me my best  doesn't  necessarily mean to be hard-charging at every turn, but rather, open and gentle and letting the board decide what it wants to do with you.  * He gradually, without me being to aware of it, helped me expand my skill-set and had me doing jumps and other cool stuff in no-time!  * I sincerely had, with him, the best time I've ever had snowboarding!  In short, I've been recommending your camp and Mike's instructions to everyone  I know and don't know.  :0)  Happy New Year.  Looking forward to seeing you guys again soon,  Claudia Ines Ventresca

Joe Sulpizio:

John Rust was a great coach!  I think that I learned a lot from him.

Rob Anderson:
To Mike,
Just wanted to thank you again for everything.  I haven't spent a better week in a lifetime than last week.  Learned so many new things. Met great people.  And found a place that I'll want to come back to year after year.  It's only been a few days since I got back home and I've been sleeping for most of the time.  Really got a lot accomplished in one day at Mount Hood.  I learned so many new things that I can share with new friends, things I was always afraid to try before attending your camp.  Skiing was a blast, however, being able to go rock climbing and whitewater rafting after the ski day had come to an end was even better.  Both of these I had not done in the past.  Tried rock climbing twice.  Made 2 attempts on the first day and 1 on the second.  Please thank John Rust for pushing me so hard.  The view at the top of the climb was nothing less that exhilarating. Whitewater rafting was great too. Didn't want to fall in since I'm not that great a swimmer, but the thrill of just being out there with a group of people having fun really is a great feeling. Thank the counselors.  Bret, Liz, Sage, Allison, and any others that I may have missed.  And all the kitchen staff.  Meals were way more than I had ever imagined. Anyway, the long and the short of it is that I would really like to be out there right now, but work in the city required that I return to the East Coast.  As I said to Bret just prior to hopping the bus for the airport, if I don't call you, call me.  Couldn't miss another great season at Mount Hood Summer Ski Camps. God Bless and keep up the good work.
A supporter forever.

Sue Ballanco (parent):

Greg had a great time at camp and was telling us on the ride home about coming back next year!
So thank you once again for your patience , follow up and running a fun program for these kids who love to ski! I will and have recommended it to many fellow ski families.

the Poiriers:

dear mike;
thank you for a wonderful week.  colette, jolie, angele, genevieve and myself all had a truly wonderful and awesome experience.  the coaching was far beyond what i thought it would be.  All of the coaches are passionate and incredible.  You have a first rate operation and i admire your dedication and passion.     To ski every day and have such wonderful weather and to do incredible activities in the afternoon is mind boggling.   It reminds me of my younger days.  We will definitely be coming back next year as one week was not enough.  You're camp was the highlight of our summer and hopefully the prelude to a successful ski racing season for our family.
thank you.

Marina Riedel (parent):

Tanner is having a GREAT race season! Your camp is amazing!

Lee J:

A week at MHSSC has helped me so much. Not only did i learn what i wanted to learn, regarding the basics of tricks but I also learned actually how to ski. My skiing got better day by day, with Nolan making sure I was doing things right from the ground up, instead of just taking me straight to the park to land on my face.  I'm so grateful of the time with Nolan and Jasper and it was a true blessing to be the only one on the course to get pretty much 1 on 1 with Nolan and Jasper filling in with good pointers and motivation. Priceless....well at least more than the $$$ i paid. Both quality, genuine guys and a credit to you.  MHSSC was a comfy family place, clean and well kept. Really have no bad words to say about anyone or anything about my time there.
Was a pleasure.  Lee

David Macpherson (parent):

Dear Mike, Wilson just got home from camp. I wanted to thank you for the making his time at camp great experience. He said the MHSSC Coaching is second to none. Mark S., Jay Hay and Jacqueyne were great and he learned so much. The counselors are all "awesome" . He wants to double thank Mark S. for the "sick" goggles he gave him. He and I want to thank you for the extra help with the ski boots and collection of the loaned money.  See you next summer.  Thanks.  David Macpherson

Donna Sklar (parent):

Mike and Lynne, Thank you for your dedication, hard work and another summer taking such good care of Jack. He said he had a great time. I think his experience as camper staff was a great learning experience, one he has taken very seriously. He sounded so mature on the phone when he called from the airport, now all he has to do is grow!  Enjoy the rest of the summer
(Jack Sklars mom)

Mike B:

Mike, Just wanted to drop you a line to say thanks for a great week and experience for my daughter Erica and I. Going into this week, we both had very little racing experience ( I had none) Now its just a matter of practicing the skills we've learned. I had the pleasure of working with Mike Foley this week. I couldn't ask for a better coach.  Take care.  Mike B

Mark Heitzinger:

Hi Mike, Thanks! I am very pleased and Bobby very happy with the camp experience. The best way to express our thanks and satifaction is to enroll in the Thanksgiving week session for which I registered yesterday.  Unless Bobby finds something else that he likes more, (maybe girls!!!!) I anticipate Bobby will be an annual return for the next 10 years. Again, my many thanks!  Mark Heitzinger

Jonathan Gettier:
Hi Mike, this is Jonathan Gettier.  I just participated in a week long snowboard camp and wanted to let you know that I had a great time and got a lot out of it. Your coaches gave me a lot of good, useful feed back and I feel that I made some significant advancements as a result. Not to mention that they are all great guys (rick, dustin, mike, ben) and I am greatful that I got to meet all of them (and everyone else for that matter). And, as I started teaching teaching kids last season, I feel not only did I learn a lot about riding this past week, but also a lot about teaching by watching these guys. They're all great assetts to your program and I'm glad that they're there! Much thanks and best wishes to all of you there and I hope to be able to join you again next summer, perhaps for two weeks this time (providing I survive this coming winter!) Sincerely, Jonathan Gettier

Johnny Licciardi:

Hi Mike Arnett & everyone else, I just want to thank you all for he wonderful training week that I had there. Your friendliness and casual attitude certainty made me feel at home. I was also very impressed with the professional approach made towards making us all better skiers and of course Racers.  I have always believed that one is never too old to improve in any chosen sport. Personally I continually strive to improve myself in every sport that I participate in weather that is skiing or surfing or whatever. I do not believe that age (I will be 71 this year) has anything to do with self-improvement in any area and I enjoy proving to many others (men & women)in my age bracket that age is merely a number and that attitude is everything.  To my trainer Mike....thanks mate for helping me make ...“the best race run in my entire life”...... that run is etched in my memory and I have replayed it over and over in my mind on countless occasions...hopefully in my racers this and every other year.  To the boys in the kitchen...... thanks for the great meals especially breakfast and the best bacon and eggs I have ever had.  I plan to make my visit a annual event (provided I can get a leave pass from my wife who will have number 7 for me (another boy )in a few months..I spoke so highly of your camp my middle son(30) is talking about coming with me next year..he is a very good racer ..placed 8th in a junior worlds at Crested Butte Colorado in 1992. My eldest son Sheldon(45) who won a podium position in the US Extremes a few years ago in Crested Butte is also interested. When my youngest son (2) is old enough I will send him to your camp for would be wonderful if we could all do it together. Until next year, Cheers. Johnny Licciardi

Jean Macheledt-Kelley

Hi, Mike and everyone: A quick note to give you the boys' report about MHSSC. I picked Preston and Cam Baker up last Sat morning to drive them to Hood River for lunch on the Columbia River at the Hood River Inn/Best Western (before we drove along Washington State highway 14 to PDX). They were tired and dazed (it's a teenaged boy look), but got very excited to tell me about a few of the cool things they learned at MHSSC, and to explain that 'next summer' they can come out for 2-weeks under a deal to pay full price the first week and get a discount for helping with dishes every day! the second week.  I can say, as a mom to three males (my husband's son — now 31 — and our 19 yr old CU-Boulder student, and Preston, 14 yrs), I have not ever seen a kid excited about helping with dishes for a week. What a great idea! Cheers ~Jean Macheledt-Kelley

Karyn Scott Kascott:

Kai had the best time! He said on a scale of 1-10 it was a 12! He made some great friends!  Thanks for providing such a great experience for him! Memories for a lifetime!

Douglas Patton:
Mike & Lynn,  Hope you got my phone message thanking you guys. We had a great time. At the top of the mountain, on Friday before our last run, JP and Claire both said: "daddy we want to come back next year!!"  Doug Patton

Dear Mike,   Thank you very much for the excellent two week camp the boys had on Mount Hood. They both feel they have learnt a lot and enjoyed that afternoon activities and making new friends too.
Many thanks,  Melanie

Bruce, Joanne Glant & Bryan:
Lynne, thank you sooooooooo very much.......Bryan hasn't stopped talking about his spectacular week at the camp. he's been praising all the people involved and just keeps saying....."it was SO LEGIT"!!!!!!
We had a bar-b-que last nite with several of the families that went to the camp.... All the kids kept talking about how great a time they had...thanks again.... see you next year
Bruce and Joanne Glant.....
....and of course ..... BRYAN


Mary Kay Woolston:
Great! Thanks Lynne. Again - thanks for doing such a great job with the kids. My husband and I have been involved both with Fiorini Ski School and CMAC over the years - and had shared Mt. Hood stories with our kids - it's nice to have one of them finally understand how fantastic summer skiing on the glacier can be..... and you guys are the best.
Mary Kay

H Thomas Gillis:
Thank you again Mike and Lynn for the wonderful kindness you have showed the Gillis family.  I know Noelle is a much better young lady for the experience of being part of MHSSC.  You have my heart-felt gratitude and appreciation for the opportunity you have provided for my daughter, Noelle.
Yours truly,  H Thomas Gillis

Kate Trieschman:

Mike, I just got back from a week at camp, and had an absolutely amazing time. This is my second year, and I feel like I have gotten so much faster each year. I also wanted to thank you for letting me come so last minute, and I'm glad that I made it back this year. I always enjoy the skiing, afternoon activities, and great friends that I make! Thank you so much! ~Kate Trieschrman

Tom Wirth:

Hi Mike,  From everthing Kristen has told us she had a great time at Ski camp.  She has already asked to go for two weeks next year.
Thank You.  Tom Wirth


Nikole had a fabolous time in Oregon. This was her first trip away to a non-family setting and she enjoyed every minute of it. We'll have to wait until the snow falls here to check out her new learned ski skills, but more importantly she made many friends and has been telling us stories non-stop. She is already asking about going back next year. Thank you and have a great day!! Olga

Ken Bloom:

Mike: I’m hearing it was a raving success (phoebe’s week at the camp, that is)…thanks for all you do (and I’ll learn more of what that is when I talk to her late tonight after we pick her up)…but in the meantime, she tells me there may be a video we can buy of her skiing? If so, can u advise how we can do so.  Ken bloom

Ben Hallen:

Hi Mike and Lynne, I was just thinking of how much fun I had last week at your camp and thought I would send a quick e-mail saying thank you. I can’t give enough praise to Roger and his excellent coaching and also the overall camp experience.  Thanks again and I hope to see you both next Summer. Sincerely,  Ben

Bonnie Dumas:

Hello,  Chloe wanted me to write to say She would like you to know she had a great time at ski camp and learned a lot.  I would like to thank all the staff at Mt. Hood Summer Ski Camp for doing such a great job. You all made her first experience of sleep away camp and ski race camp wonderful! Thank you!! ~Bonnie Dumas

Brian Staten:

Hi Liz / Mike, I wanted to say thanks for getting Jeff and Preston home safely.  We got home at 2:30am and had a lot of time to talk on the way home. They said they had a great time and both thought Connor was an excellent counselor. Jeff said the hill time was the best part of camp with the paint ball coming in a close second.  Regards,  Brian Staten

Katherine Schulten and Mike Dulchin:

Dear Mike, We just wanted to write to thank your camp again for taking such good care of Nick when he broke his leg on July 16.  You can imagine how helpless and worried we were in New York, and how much it meant to us that Chad stayed with him through everything. Nick's a tough, no-drama kid—the kind of kid who wants to come back to ski camp again next year even though he broke his leg, and the kind of kid who thought it was a bit silly that his parents wanted to get on a flight out to Oregon to be at his bedside. But even a tough kid needs to see a friendly face he knows pre- and post-surgery.  Nick's home now on the couch and still in a lot of pain, but Chad called last night to give us more "tib-fib" advice since apparently both his skier parents have broken the same bones. I think that in the end this experience will be good for Nick since he's proud of himself for having been through it alone. And as I said to Chad, if in the future you have nervous East Coast parents scared to send their kids across the country for ski camp and want to give them our names and home phone number  please feel free. Katherine Schulten and Mike Dulchin

Jill Lesser:

Elliot and Lynne, I wanted to send a note of thanks for helping with Josh at camp last week. As I am sure you know, in the end he wanted to stay and so he did eventually conquer his homesickness - I think sending him to camp with a cell phone was probably the wrong decision on our part, it simply made it too easy for him to reach us rather than focus on having fun. He wants to come back next year and we hope he will. I also wanted to send a note of thanks specifically to Joe Sepulzio who really was great with him and in the end helped us navigate a ridiculous problem with Alaska Airlines about the unaccompanied minor fee. I believe that Joe used his personal credit card and so I want to make sure that I get the money to you to reimburse him. Let me know the best way to do that. Anyway, Josh's dad and I really appreciate your attention to Josh and your accomodation on the tuition for next year.  Best, Jill Lesser

Paige Havens:

Mike – Jack Havens had a fantastic time at camp the last two weeks. He is very confident in the skill he gained. He is already talking smack on how he will be able to beat his coach this year. Plus he has mapped out a multi-year plan to become a counselor. That’s if you approve of him! Thank you, he had a great time and I’m sure we will see his achievements on the slopes this season. See you next year!

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