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New, starting for Summer 2024 camps, all confirmation forms will be done on-line electronically when you register for camp. No more old-school PDF documents for us to send you, then you having to fill them out by hand and then sending them back to us!

The only release form that is a little tricky, is the one for Timberline Lodge Ski Resort. As of now, there will be a Timberline Lodge release form for EACH of the sessions you sign up for. Example, if you sign up for both Sessions 4 and 5, then you'll have to do TWO separate forms, one for each of those 2 sessions. Timerline release forms for Summer 2024, won't be available until sometime in February of 2024. Stay tuned! If you sign up for camp prior to the Timberline Form being available, we will contact you via email to remind you to do that.


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