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You would use this particular set of generic confirmation forms ONLY when there is a time crunch between the day you signed up for camp and your particular arrival day.  Normally when you sign up (either on-line, over the phone, or you snail mailed in your camp application), we (the camp office) process your application, then we email you a 6-8 page set of confirmation forms to you,  that you print out on your home computer. You would then fill them out , sign all forms and then return to us (via U.S. mail or email them back).  If there is only a few days between the day you signed up and the day you arrive for camp, there probably isn't enough time for you to mail them back to us before your actual arrival day.  So in the case of a last minute sign-up, we created this generic set of forms on our website that you can download to your home computer, print them out, fill them out by hand, and BRING them with you on your arrival day (or you can Fax them to us too.)
Fax number: 1-888-580-7484

Questions?  Call the camp office: : Five-zero-three-337-two-two-three-zero

To download these forms, (Word Document or PDF) click the links below:

Confirmation Forms in Microsoft® Word® Format

Confirmation Forms in PDF Format


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