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MHSSC vs Windells

A thread below was started in 2010 where a number of freeskiers gave opinions on the two camps on the website.


Mar 30 2010...from "K_Day":  mhssc had better jumps, and was way more fun in my opinion, less people in your way and some ill people run it
Mar 30 2010...from "purpledrank$": MHSSC definitely I went there for a week last year and had tons of fun.  MHSSC still has a gymnast tramp , paintball, white water rafting and a lot of fun activities off the hill.  This year i am going for 2 weeks over 1 week at windells.
Mar 30 2010...from "TRSkier415":  MHSSC hands down.
Windell's sucks for a number of reasons.
A) More expensive
B) The people there are way less chill and there's a lot more "I'm so much better than you" that goes around
C) The coaches at MHSSC are more focused on teaching you stuff and helping you get better than training for the coming season or upcoming competitions
D) Way more liable to get your shit stolen. At MHSSC, I used to leave my GL2 lying around and nothing would happen, but from what my buddies from Windell's would tell me, if you so much as left your ipod out for a few minutes, it'd be gone.
E) The food is better and the lodging is cleaner and nicer
F) The vibe is just so good at MHSSC. It's smaller, so you meet people faster, and by the end of each session, it feels like you know almost everyone to some degree or another. Also, the people are just really nice and fun to be with and I cannot tell you how many people I've met at MHSSC that I'm still friends with today and still ride with when I visit different resorts. 
I could go on and on, but why pay twice as much for a bunch of skate parks and foam pits, when you can actually get better coaching, better lodging, access to a decent private park and pubby, and hang with chiller people for half as much? Go ahead and flame, but just my two cents.
Mar 30 2010...from "SPutnam":  ^Agreed.  Over anything else...The experience is what you make it. If you are the kind of kid who needs to have big names skiing around you and a great park to have a great time, then you may want to go with Windells. However, most kids would have a better experience at MHSSC, which has a solid park, helpful coaches, and attracts a more down-to-earth group of kids...all at a more reasonable price.
Mar 30 2010...from "purpledrank$": Windells park looked nice but it looked very crowded which is not a problem at MHSSC.  The private park is pretty decent at MHSSC plus you have the timberline public park which are both high quality
Mar 30 2010...from "statmarker":  I'd say MHSSC. The guys there are awesome, there's tons of people sessioning the lane, and everybody is learning stuff. Like, when I did dig to ride there this summer, the entire 4bi9 crew came and hit the jump line, and there were a bunch of randoms there, some pro snowboarders, and just a general super great vibe. On top of that they build some pretty cool features there, and have some pretty nice rails. You can learn a ton there in 2 sessions. Windells would be rad, but MHSSC seems like a more laid back, relaxed experience to me, while still learning a ton.
Mar 30 2010...from "stormtrooper":  well 6 days at windells or 10 at MHSSC, i have been to both camps and here are the pro's and cons.

Windells your kind of on your own for learning things.
MHSSC coaches will help you alot and help you achieve your goals more.
Windells how ever does have Pro's though which is kinda of cool to be seeing them all around you.

Windells park is of course bigger.
But MHSSC has basically everything windells has jump whise with the exception of a massive step over.
Windells has alot of rails basically all think able.
MHSSC also has alot of rails with exception of a flat down and a whale tale, But MHHSC will rebuild things in there park to cater to campers, like for example if u want an easy way to learn 360 switch ups they will set you up say a fatty up down box.
Windells has the air bag.
Windells does have there own pipe but you usual get up to the mountain late and the pipe is slush destroyed.
MHSSC use's the public pipe, which is equally good to windells if not better. How ever if you are really interested in riding pipe MHSSC ofers an early morning shuttle to the moutain so you can get on it befor it gets to slushy.
MHSSC also has its own quarter pipe.

Windells has a full skate park and BMX course.
MHSSC has a mini pipe, and a big pipe along with skate rails.
Windells has 6-8 computers to use
MHSSC has 2 computers use.
Windells rooms have bunk beds and TV's.
MHSSC has Bunk beds.
Windells has shred sleds.
MHSSC has pogo sticks.
MHSSC has an adventure course.
Windells has tramps and foam pits.
MHSSC has tramps and throw pads.

Windells has good food.
MHSSC has great food.
Windells, when thirsty and its not breakast or dinner u have to buy very over priced drinks.
MHSSC has a free fountain drink machine open 24/7
Windells, when hungry and its not one of the times to eat, they have vending machines and the snack bar which is also over priced.
MHSSC, there is a gas station really near that you can go to and get food for a normal price.

Other Activitys:
Both camps have rafting and paint balling
MHSSC has swimming at the lake and cliff diving.

Windells, has alot of im better than you.
MHSSC, everyone is there to improve and have a good time.
Windells, there will be kids there who are there basically for a day care.
MHSSC, meet alot of people.
Windells, meet a fair amount of people.
MHSSC, has some good looking racer girls
Windells, has some good looking freestyle girls.
Windells, something gets stolen your outa luck.
MHSSC, something gets stolen, which never happens, ur counselor will get it back some how.

Windells vans suck to have to sit in the back.
MHSSC has short buses so seating is alot easier.
Both blast pretty good music.

Mar 30 2010...from "dunkaroos$":  stormtrooper nailed it. imo MHSSC is one of the funnest places to be during the summer
Mar 30 2010...from "*Hurty*":   The people that run MHSSC are sooo chill.  Jumps are bomb too.
Mar 30 2010...from "Tucks":  I've always had a fun time at MHSSC. I would do MHSSC over windells. Also at the end of each session at MHSSC there is a pretty bomb cookout at a park with frisbee, volleyball, horseshoes, baseball, etc.
Mar 30 2010...from "LeBro0":  If you want to be surrounded by groms and pro hoes, go to windells. Sure, they have the tacky shit, like free clothes and pros around you all the time. MHSSC is the best for sure. ive been going there for 3 years now, and its great. The counselors are the chillest, and u get to know the coolest kids. The coaches are laid back, but fun to be around. I like skiing, but i also look for fun off of the hill. I like that it not based around abuncha huge pros, cuz i wouldnt be able to ski, when i would pass windells, pros would be putting on little shows for the campers and shit. It is a center for pro hoes. Thats my opinion.
Mar 30 2010...from dunkaroos$:  white water rafting at MHSSC is amazing
Mar 31 2010...from "AreMG":
Website is a bit less than impressive, but I would trust the testimonials of the people in this thread.
Mar 31 2010...from "McSlay":  MHSSC is the sickest camp on hood and i can say that is the best tramp that i have ever been on, so legit.  i will hopefully be going back there this summer definetely some of the funnest weeks of my life if you have the opportunity go to MHSSC don't let windells advertising fool mhssc is way sicker then windells
Apr 1 2010...from "trannyfinder":  mhssc has the illest jump lines and super fun jibs.  Way less crowds and no lines.  Hiking one feature not only helps the ravishing midriff for the ladies, but also helps you focus on the trick you're goin for
Apr 2 2010...from "purpledrank$":  Mhssc so sick cant wait to go back next year
Apr 11 2010...from "Tanner.$":  MHSSC. Cheaper, cool people. Windells is probably cool but I would go to mhssc just for the sake of the price.
Apr 11 2010...from "jive_turkey":  im so glad i saw this thread.  when i looked at the website last week it looked like a hardcore racing camp that was trying to get into park.  this completely changed my mind
Apr 11 2010...from "willis.$":  I think windells is in the upper $1900 range. And with the cost of flying, that $900+ makes a huge difference for me. I want to go next summer but I'll have just turned 18. Can I still go during regular camp time or will I have to go to the adult session?
Apr 12 2010...from "skier_boy26$":   Both camps have good employees (in my experience as a non-camper) and are really chill. The camper attitude at windells is more pretentious  than MHSSC, which makes a big deal. But... MHSSC is cheaper, situated at govy (short rides to timberline), usually solid park, and the coaches (gasp) really coach. WIndells does have BOB and that painful airbag, but damn you pay for it (like $800 more or some shit in the peak sessions). Get the bang for your buck and go with MHSSC.
May 12 2010...from "dompuch":  MHSSC man it like 900 bucks cheaper


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