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**2023 is the final summer that we will be offering Snowboard Race Camp. We'd like to thank everyone who participated in any of our past Snowboard race camps.


Our camp is open to all levels of racers from entry level (first time racers) to World Cup and Olympic riders. For the novice racers, we focus on introduction to alpine snowboard racing. We first teach modern race technique, proper body stance & alignment and introduce them to race courses. For the higher end level racers, we offer a chance to learn the techniques proven on the World Cup and applied by athletes around the world. The facilities here are geared for slalom and giant slalom racing. We have a consistent slope, salted courses, and excellent instruction from our professional coaches. 

During your session, our coaches will help you to improve your carving skills by teaching you the solid fundamentals and techniques of snowboard racing. Your goals will be assessed and a safe and successful progression will be planned for you to achieve the best results. All of our coaches have strong coaching and snowboard racing backgrounds and are passionate about their sport. Coaches are here to teach you and enable you to achieve your goals, and we are always stoked to work with motivated snowboarders like you.

Every day we video your freeriding outside the courses as well as your training in the gates. Then you and your coaches get together and figure out what you can work on. Video analysis is one of the most powerful learning tools available to you and will help you achieve your goals faster. At the end of the week, you can purchase a copy of your Video. 

11,235 foot Mt. Hood is the only 12 month ski area in North America. With two express quad chairs and 2500' vertical, you have the opportunity to get in a lot of quality training in a short period of time. Mt. Hood weather is highly variable with mid-winter conditions likely at any time, so be prepared. Winter clothing, and rain gear should be brought as well as summer clothing. Layers work best at Mt. Hood. As it warms during the day, you'll take the layers off and stow them in your backpack. Sun protection is very important, Training at the 8,500 foot level is hazardous to the skin and eyes if not well protected. You must bring a good pair of sun glasses, dark lens goggles and #15 (or higher) sunscreen. We also recommend that you train wearing a helmet. 

Vic Wild wins Olympic Gold in Men's Snowboard Parallel Giant Slalom!!

Congratulations to Vic Wild for his Gold Medal performance in the Men's Snowboard Parallel Giant Slalom! Vic grew up in nearby White Salmon, Washington and was a 2-time Snowboard-Race camper with us in 1996-97. Eric Baldwin was his coach at camp back then and remembers Vic as "just a little ripper". Vic also returned to Mt Hood Summer Ski Camps as a coach in 2011. Minutes apart, Vic's wife won the Olympic Bronze medal in the same event! Read more about Vic Wild's unconventional path to Olympic success here.

Vic wins 2nd gold!! Read about it here.



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