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Message from Camp Director Mike Annett

For over FOUR decades, we have been operating summer ski and snowboard camps on the Palmer Glacier, here in Mt Hood, Oregon. Being a ski coach myself, in 1979, I brought about a dozen ski racers to Oregon to check out this new summer lift installed at Timberline Lodge and hopefully get some training in. What a discovery! And what a concept, to be skiing in the summer. Who does that?! Camp changed as the winter sports evolved. Snowboarding became popular, so we added that to the menu of camp opportunities. We also added moguls and eventually established our own private terrain park on the lower half of the Palmer run suited for both our freeski campers and freeride snowboards. Snowboard racing is also offered during the early summer sessions as there is still a demand for it. . We're still a family owned and operated camp. We've had roughly 30,000 campers come thru our camp since the beginning and we are still gong strong. We've always been the most affordable summer ski/snowboard camp, yet still continue to add value to the campers experience year after year. Our focus is on the coaching and the learning and less on the hype and circus atmosphere. We have fun. Our staff has fun. And most importantly, our campers have the time of their lives.

Come join us!

~Mike Annett
camp director



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