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We offer two "Learn to Ski Better" programs:
1. Intro to ski racing/carving.
2. Intro to moguls/small jumps.

Introduction to Ski Racing/Carving

We focus on the fundamentals of current race technique as well as teaching the fastest line through a slalom and GS course. MHSSC's success is based on over 35 years experience on the Palmer Glacier. We have access to ideal race training terrain, salted courses to keep the snow firm, and an excellent coaching staff to set a variety of drills, tactical and full length courses. On-hill video combined with proven race training progressions, allows MHSSC to maximize learning and skill acquisition. During your session, our coaches will help you to improve your ski racing skills by teaching you the fundamentals and correct technique required for success on a race course. Your goals will be assessed and a safe and successful progression will be planned for you to achieve the best results. All of our coaches have strong coaching and skiing backgrounds and are passionate about their sport. Our coaches are here to teach you and enable you to achieve your goals. Whether you are fine tuning or just beginning to learn the skills of ski racing, you'll find a training group that fits your needs. Each day includes free skiing/drills, skiing/racing technique, course tactics (fastest line) and full length race course training.

Introduction to Moguls & Small Jumps

The Learn to Ski Better program is for skiers interested in improving their general skiing skills, for skiers interested in mogul and all-mountain skiing, and for anyone who wants to become a stronger skier. The lift access mogul terrain includes smaller bumps and a skill progression that allows athletes to progress to their next skill level. Jumping is accomplished on smaller/easier jumps. Our mogul coaches may even take the group over to our race lanes for a run or two of slalom or GS to get a taste of ski racing as well. We teach a skill progression designed for learning to become a stronger skier. Our mogul campers have the added benefit of shorter lift lines later in the day, when the snow softens up and the race camps move off the hill.

Mt Hood in the Summer

11,235 foot Mt. Hood is the only 12 month ski area in North America. Training takes place on the Palmer Snowfield as well as on the Magic Mile chairlift runs in the early summer. With two express quad chairs and 2500' vertical, you have the opportunity to get in a lot of quality training in a short period of time. Mt. Hood weather is highly variable with mid-winter conditions likely at any time, so be prepared. Winter clothing, rain gear, and racing equipment should be brought as well as summer clothing. Layers work best at Mt. Hood. As it warms during the day, you'll take the layers off and stow them in your backpack. Sun protection is very important, Skiing at the 8,500 foot level is hazardous to the skin and eyes if not well protected. You must bring a good pair of sun glasses, dark lens goggles and #15 (or higher) sunscreen. We also recommend that you train wearing a helmet. 

Video Analysis

Every day we record video of some of your training runs. Then you and your coach get together to watch the video and figure out what you need to work on. We do video review with your coach back at the camp lodge on one of our several video viewing stations. Video analysis is one of the most powerful learning tools available to you and will help you achieve your goals faster. At the end of the week, you can purchase a DVD copy of your Video



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