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*1/2/2020 Update: We just got word from Timberline, that there is not enough snow to set gates for our camp on Friday. Not even enough snow to set brushes or stubbies either. It rained quite a bit up there on New Years' Eve and into New Years' Day, before it finally cooled down around 11am yesterday and starting snowing. Timberline did receive 8" new since yesterday, but that is just not enough for what we need. We will still have our camp, but it will be freeskiing, drills and skills. And we'll do video analysis as well. We'll still make it a productive day on the hill!

*12/26/2019 Update: Due to a nominal snowpack, our 1-day camp is in jeopardy of not happening or being reduced to a "skills and drills camp" (no gates). We just spoke with the people in charge at Timberline Lodge, and as of today (12/26), there is probably no gate training at Timberline at least thru January 1. The long-range forecast has "some" snow in it, but nothing too significant. Timberline is planning on opening the Palmer Chairlift this week, but they plan on only grooming a public lane, so no gate training up there either, unfortunately. With all that being said, if you were planning on signing up for our camp, you might want to wait to see what Mother Nature brings us in the coming days leading up to January 3. Those of you that have already signed up, you'll be receiving an email from us with additional information.
~Robin Cressy & Jason Hattery (coaches)


Friday, January 3, 2020 @Timberline Lodge


Friday, January 3, 2020

Our race camp is open to all Oregon High School ski racers that want to get in some extra training during winter break.   All ability levels are welcome from entry level (first time racers) to Varsity level STATE racers.  We'll focus on the fundamentals of race technique as well as teaching the fastest line through a GS course.   Campers must enjoy skiing and bring a desire to improve.  We will train at Timberline Lodge. *We will also make this camp available to recently graduated high school students who can't get enough gates as well as 7th and 8th graders, who want to get a jump start on their high school ski racing careers. .

There will be no lodging or transportation available for our 1-day camp.

Contact information of coaches:
Coach Robin Cressy email: 
Coach Robin Cressy cell phone: 971-570-3171
Coach Jason Hattery home email:
Coach Jason Hattery cell phone: 503-475-5015
Camp Director Mike Annett, camp ofice: 503-337-2230
Camp office email:

Price: $60.00/day coaching costs
Lift Tickets: Current Timberline lift ticket prices can be seen here.
*If you have a season pass/fusion pass, you obviously don't need to purchase lift tickets
Where:  Meet at TIMBERLINE LODGE 8:30am in the Wy'East day lodge by the smokey the bear.
Video:  We will shoot video and review it (weather permitting).

1. Is Lunch Provided? No, please pack a lunch or bring money for lunch.
2. What's the deal with Lift Tickets? If you don't have a season pass or fusion pass, please bring cash so you can purchase your own lift ticket each morning. 
3. Helmets required?  Absolutely YES!


Step #1: Sign-up on the APPLICATION PAGE, look for the box that looks like the green/grey box below and check ALL the boxes that apply to YOU (i.e. coaching, lodging, transportation).  And keep in mind that lift tickets are your responsibility.  You cannot prepay for lift tickets thru the website.

Step #2: Fill out the medical questionnaire and camp release forms (PDF file) which can be found -->> HERE 

Step #3: Fill out the Timberline on-line release form, which can be found --> HERE
When it asks for "Group/Event/Camp", you type in "MHSSC Winter Sessions 19-20"

*There is a 10% cancellation fee

Fill them out, and snail mail them to this address or bring them with you on your first day and give them to coach Robin in the morning on your first day before we head out at 9am: 
MHSSC High School Winter Camp  
PO Box 317
Government Camp, OR  97028

*Only snail mail the forms if you drop them in the mailbox before Dec. 18, 2018 otherwise just bring them to Timberline on your first day.

YOU CANNOT TRAIN WITH US UNTIL WE HAVE YOUR FORMS IN HAND!!!  OK?  And yes, you need to fill out and sign the Timberline release form even if you already filled one out for your high school ski team. 

(look for the box you see below on the application page)

January 2020 Oregon High School winter camp

January 3, 2020 Coaching fees $60/day $60



Hattery Jason Hattery
Jason has coached with the Aloha/Southridge ski team for the last 15 years. He help coach the Southridge girls to the metro league title in 2005, 2007 and 2009 and have gone to State every year since 2003. The Southridge boys team also won the metro league title in 2009 for the first time in school history. In addition to coaching Southridge, he's head coach for Mountainside and Westview high school ski teams. Jason is a certified USSA level 200 and lead coach of MHRTA's high school race program.

Robin Cressy
He was on the coaching staff for the Aloha/Southridge ski team 1997- 2011, then with Sunset ski team in 2013.  He raced for Sunset high school ski team back in 1980-83.  Robin spends his summer shooting video for Mt Hood Summer Ski Camps since 1986.  He coached kids in the Buddy Werner program at Mission Ridge Ski Area.  He also worked in the race department at Squaw Valley and Mt. Bachelor.  He's a USSCA level 1 coach, and PSIA associate level ski instructor.  He coached the Aloha HS boys to their only metro league title in school history in 2000.

Bill Toney
Bill has been working at Mt Hood Summer Ski Camps since 2007. He's been coaching the Fall and Winter race camps the last couple of years . He also works in the race department at Sugar Bowl ski resort in California.


Sophie Boden slalom

Testimonials from our high school camps:

Thanks guys! Ziggy said she had a great time and learned a lot! She’s now a fan of your camps and wants to do more 👍

~Irene Calder

I just wanted to say thank you to all the coaches. My daughter Larissa said it was an amazing camp and that she learned so much and feels more confident with racing. Thank you so much and we hope you all have the best Christmas Holiday and Happy New Year! Best,
Chan Family

Thanks Robin, Jason and Brian Kiara really enjoyed attending Winter camp and the instructions from the coaches. Thank you for having a great camp that has a reasonable price.
~ Didi Irwin-Green (Lake Oswego ski team parent)

Robin, Jason & Andrew, On behalf of the Johnson Family ... thanks for making Riley feel so welcome at camp. She had a great time with all of you. She said you gave her some great advice. She enjoyed getting perspective from other coaches! She also liked the video. We don't have that with our club. She talked about finally understanding what her coach has been telling her for two years about dropping her hands on Slalom. The kids were very nice. She regretted that she didn't sign up to stay with you at the lodge ... next time! Thanks again!
~ Joyce Johnson

Robin, Sean,
Thanks so much for providing instruction for our son, Lito, and all the other kids this week.  It was a thrill to see them all up there.  The pace of learning was truly amazing, like watching a plant grow before your eyes.  See you at the races! 
~Bill Nicolai (OES ski team parent)

Dear Mr Cressy,
Thanks you very much for the excellent ski camp experience. Hunor had a great time, learned a lot and decided to race on the Lincoln HS team during the next season. 
Sincerely, Marta Somogyi-Mann (Lincoln high school ski team parent)

Robin and Sean,
Taylor got home tonight and talked non-stop through dinner and into the evening about his experience at camp these past 4 days.  He had a great experience and so much fun.  Thank you for your time and energies!  I know this is a tough time of the year, so busy before the holidays and we really appreciate the opportunity for Taylor to train with you.  We loved the photo’s and update you sent each evening, (especially since we couldn’t reach Taylor on his cell due to a weak signal).  It was great to get the daily reports and photos.   He learned so much from you at the camp and had a ton of fun.  I have to tell you that you can double your fees for camp and it would be worth every penny!  Taylor would love to do it again so keep us in mind when you schedule the next one!  Happy holidays! 
~ Laura J. Gentry (Tigard high school ski team parent)

Natalie's dad here.  We can't thank you enough for the instruction you have given her.  We also love the media that is coming also.  Those pictures were great.  Just a great experience. Any time you want to do this again, Natalie is in.  I would also like to know if you ever do private lessons.  Natalie, Annette, and I are very impressed with your system.  Thank you so much. 
~ Tom Quirk (Sunset high school ski team parent)

Hi Robin. Just wanted to thank you for a successful race camp.  Natalie was very excited about all she learned on both days.  Again, we are very thankful for all of yours and Sean's instruction.  Natalie's been jotting down notes to keep it all in her head.  Enjoy the rest of Spring Break. 
~ Annette Quirk (Sunset high school ski team parent)

Steven reports he learned lots of great tips and the camp was terrific.  Thanks for doing this.  I think he'll be back next year for sure.
~Carolyn Schiewe (Wilson high school ski team parent)

Hey its Taylor Witkop, I just wanted to say thank you so much for doing the camp. I felt like I learned a lot and got a lot better as well and I hope to do it again next year. 

Jake had a blast! He learned so much and is excited to put it all on action! I would recommend this to everyone who wants to ski and race better. Thanks Sean Robin and Brian! 
~ Angie Scherer (Southridge ski team parent)

Thank you very much. I picked up Cole and Alex last night and they really enjoyed the camp.  The both felt they had great training!
~ Marti Jacobsen (Jesuit ski team parent)

You guys are such GREAT coaches and so great with the kids. He wants to keep coming back. He is so encouraged by his improvements each day. Thanks for turning him into a Varsity racer over the last 3 camps and making it fun. 
~ Cheryl Connall (OES ski team parent)

Hi Robin and Sean, She improved her time from last year by 12 seconds; great progress in her development. Thank you for the coaching last week. She said she learned a lot.
~ Kevin Grillo (Southridge ski team parent)

Jack said he felt much more prepared for Cato after camp on Friday. He hooked a gate during the race, but he did officially finish, which was his goal. 
~ Tania Vincent (Southridge ski team parent)

Thank you very much for your help on Friday. Sophie was very happy she spent the time with you and Sean. That one day was a big one for her and she knows it. 
~ Jay Boden (Sunset ski team parent)

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